Organizing Services

Professional Organizing Services

*FREE* Phone or Email Consultation to discuss needs/goals/vision!

Professional Organizer     $ 45/hour

Work side-by-side with me to tackle your problem areas.  We will sort, purge if needed, and develop a system/home for your things that makes sense!

If purging isn’t needed and/or you’d prefer that I organize the space independently that’s an option as well.  I don’t require that we work side-by-side.  It’s whatever meets your needs!

I love incorporating items that my clients already own…  baskets, bins, dishes, etc.  It’s fun to use our existing things in a new way!  And it’s budget friendly!  I offer shopping services if desired and/or can recommend specific items to help meet your needs.


Custom Labels

I offer custom labels.  I use top quality stock paper and laminate them for durability and easy cleaning.

$ 2 per label + Professional Organizer time to create them (typically ~ 0.5 hour)





And some fun “After” pictures!










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