Welcome to Organize My Happy Place!  In our crazy busy and fast-paced world of today we need our homes to work extremely hard for us…  and to be our happy retreat from it all!  I’m passionate about helping my clients transform their spaces into ‘functional & fabulous’ happy places!


My Top 10 Reasons to hire a Professional Organizer

  1. Feeling overwhelmed?   Don’t know where to start?  Did you just move or are you preparing to move?  Did you recently expand your family?  Are you downsizing?  A Professional Organizer can help you make sense of it all!
  2. Decrease stress   This one is huge.  Stress is no joke – it affects everything…  your health…  your mood…  your relationships…  When your home is organized it decreases stress.  When you can feel relaxed and happy in your home it’s life changing!
  3. Save time   Have you misplaced your keys for the millionth time?  Where did that bag of hand-me-downs go?  Where is that gift you bought ahead of time?  A professional organizer can help create a home for all of your belongings that makes sense – no more time spent searching!
  4. Save money   You’ll stop buying duplicates of items you already have because you’ll know where your things are!  You’ll feel content – you’ll realize what you have and the desire to accumulate more will fade.
  5. Increase happiness   It’s fun to be organized!  And when less time is spent dealing with “stuff” that means more time for fun!  Get back to that hobby, take that class, play with your kiddos, reconnect with friends, etc!
  6. Achieve calm   When you’re drowning in stuff or your home just isn’t as you’d like it to be, it can leave you feeling constantly anxious.  Wouldn’t it be nice to feel completely calm in your home?
  7. Save brain space   I love this one!  When your home is organized it frees up brain space.  You don’t have to waste energy thinking about where something is or when you’re going to tackle that closet.  It allows for more time doing and thinking about what you love.  Start that business…  chase that dream!
  8. Better relationships   This one is simple…  less time wasted on stuff means more time spent with loved ones!
  9. Accomplish goals quickly   A Professional Organizer can help you achieve your goals & visions for your space in less time.  We can help you check that project off your list so you can move on!
  10. Tips & tricks   We can teach you tips & tricks to help maintain your organized spaces with little effort.  We know the best products to meet your needs & budget, and we can help you use what you already own to help meet your needs!


“I asked Sarah to help me with my crazy pantry.  Let me tell you, it was a mess.  Between our daily food needs (growing pre-teens) and my husband’s growing catering business I could not make heads or tails of anything.  Sarah not only reinvented my pantry but let me help in the reinventing therefore I learned in the process (she was like my pantry Yoda!)  My pantry now has ZONES!  Zones, I’m telling you, are the best.  First of all, I can easily tell what I need to purchase when making my grocery list.  Secondly, my kids can put the groceries away with EASE!  And they LIKE figuring out which zone it goes in.  I no longer look in my pantry with disgust.  It’s a beautiful little piece of food housing heaven! Thanks, Sarah, for your amazing work!”

Trisha W.

“My pantry is now so organized! My grandchildren and my puppy now know exactly where their containers are located! My friends & family are always very impressed when they go in my pantry. I love, love, love that I used Sarah’s organizational skills!”

Christy G.